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See What Clients Are Saying About Benny's Dog Resort in Carrollton, Texas

"Benny's has taken care of several dogs...Kelsey used to go there for years until she got sick 2 years ago. Then I brought several foster dogs who loved Benny's and now our adopted dog Sasha goes there almost everyday and they take such good care of her and she loves them. I also boarded her when we went out of town and I knew she was in good hands. I can tell by her body language that she loves going there and she is always bouncy and happy when I pick her up."

Julie C.
"Dropped off Zida our Stafforsshire terrier for a personality test. From the moment we walked in the door, the staff as well as the owner were very friendly and interactive with not only us but our baby girl Zida... when we picked her up, we could see her playing and interacting with others on the camera.. we can't wait to drop her off again. You know you're dog has fun when they see you and are not super excited to run out the door!!"

Julie M.
"Sawyer and Buda love Benny's and are always so excited to get inside in the mornings. We know that they are well treated and the staff will care for them like they are their own while they are in their care. The facilities are super clean and geared to keeping the fur-babies comfortable and actively engaged. If the dogs misbehave (which they do just like kids do sometimes) the staff handle the situations with good judgement, correct actions and let their 'parents' know when we pick them up which is greatly appreciated. I cannot rave enough about what a great job the staff does with our babies."

Jill B.
"My 1 year old puppy has been coming here for about 6 months now at least 5 days a week. He absolutely loves it at Benny's. I love Benny's because he is super tired and all he wants to do is sleep when he comes home. At Benny's, he is able to play all day and socialize with all the other dogs. I love the staff as they have always been really nice and helpful to me, but most importantly, they love all the dogs. If it wasn't for Benny's, my furniture would be all chewed up and he would of dug of my entire yard up while he is still in his puppy stage."

Mary L.
"Remus loves going to Benny's! He is always tired when he comes home and that can only mean great things! I especially love how they post almost daily photos of some of the dogs. Everyone who works there is so nice too and you can tell they love all the dogs."

Samantha S.
"My Harlow loves this place sooooo much!! Everytime I pick her up she has this blissed out look of worn-out satisfaction. She gets to play with tennis balls, bubbles, puppy pools and other dogs all day! We love Bennys!! It's Awesome!"

Katrina L.
"Our pup always has the best time at Benny's. The staff is extremely nice, always remembers her and Storm sleeps for days afterwards catching up on rest from having a blast ! We love Benny's!"

Ann W.
"I couldn't believe how clean the place was given that on a "slow" Saturday afternoon when we arrived for our Meet & Greet trial visit, there had to be at least 50 dogs romping around. During our trial visit tour, we got to see all the boarding suites as well as all the areas available to the dogs during play time. Our Charlie Chan was so excited to hang out with other dogs even though at first we could tell he was completely overwhelmed with how many other new furry friends couldn't wait to meet him (and sniff butts)."

Ashley F.
"I've taken my miniature schnauzer puppy to Benny's day care several times and he loves it. When we got him, he was six months old and had not been around other dogs very much. He was quite scared of all the big dogs on his first visit, but after his first day there, he adapted to playing with dogs of all sizes and is very friendly with all dogs now. They took very good care of him and he came home exhausted (which means he did a lot of playing). Benny's is a little out of the way for me, but it's worth the peace of mind that comes with leaving him in good hands. They also have the best prices of any place I've found, which is an added bonus. I plan on boarding him with Benny's next time I go on vacation."

Susan H.
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